Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Pantone color outfit

Make a two piece outfit using the Spring Pantone Colors?  Challenge accepted!

So, the dress was a giant pain to draft and make for such a simple thing, as I wrote in a previous blog.  But the jacket was surprisingly easy and fast to make, considering it is a jacket!   I adore the jacket, very 60's retro.  I think it will get a lot of use this year.

James was not available to take pictures today, so Liz did it all.  I think she did a darn good jab for a not quite 6 year old!  Also....does this outfit make me look taller??
Buttoned up, it doesn't help my boxy shaped dress they way I hoped it would.  But I do think with a flared dress/skirt or even the right shirt and jeans, this jacket will be very cute, and very versatile!

The back has a cool tab and pleat (which I had to starch pretty good to make it lay down right, since this polyester did not want to take a crease well).

Although I finished the jacket in less than 10 days, there is still some detail work that went into it.  Sadly, you don't get to see it well from a distance, but I worked hard to get the top stiching looking nice and fairly evenly spaced, both on the collar and the sleeves.  Kind of gives those a quilted look.

Next up will be another dress, but this one with a very flared skirt and button front and collar.  After that, I have got to make something for Liz for her birthday, so stay tuned!


  1. The jacket is adorably cute, so I do hope you get lots of wear from it - I love the back pleat.

  2. Both pieces are lovely - nice work on fitting the dress. And I really like the 60's vibe of the jacket.

    I like your classy car ad pose (: