Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer/Fall "Dragon" Wardrobe

I've done more sewing in the last 15 days than I have in the last 15 weeks! I've posted pics of some of the wardrobe as I've gone along. Here it is, all together now that I finally, I got it done. 

It's all knits, but they vary a bit in type.  There are 3 nice cotton jerseys (though the magenta is a really heavy one).  The pink floral top is a slippery, poly blend with very little in the way of stretch. The dress is a lycra blend with lots of stretch in all directions, for a sporty feel, which makes a great play dress.
If you look carefully, you'll see that she posed her toy dragon for each different shot.  He was her "accessory".

Here is the composite, showing all 7 looks we got from the 5 items made.  I hope it all lasts her well into her next school year!
For information on sewing any of these, please check out my review HERE.

 This outfit seemed to bring out her inner Movie Star.

 Here she is simply having fun and playing with her favorite toy, Icy the Dragon.
This dress is certainly her favorite piece of the wardrobe (and she's happy to wear it alone or with leggings)

 I loved sewing this matching outfit of gathered sleeves and gathered leggings from the same pattern.  The fact that both of these fabrics were actually in my stash made me even happier!

She also really loves this top.  It's long sleeved, so will hopefully also serve her into winter and possibly even next spring!
 Here you can see the sleeve gather detail.

And here is the outer leg gather.  There is an inner leg gather as well.
So there it all is.  I'm really glad I took the time to do this for her, and I'm so happy there was a great contest out there to help inspire me when my sewing mojo was low!

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