Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fairy feet

I finished making Tinker Bell shoes for Liz!

I had never made a pom-pom before, so these were an interesting learning experience. I got some very pretty white yarn with silver in it. I just made my own cardboard doughnut shapes, and an hour or so later (and a very cramped hand!!), viola! Tinker bell pom poms.

I got the shoes used at Goodwill, a perfect fit for a nice comfy Halloween experience. Ill fitting shoes are never good, even costume shoes!
They are just a basic white pair of sketchers. I mixed up some paint until I got a color that matches the dress fabric (I used an ice metalic green to keep it shiny, and also added sparkles) and applied 4 coats of paint. Sadly the sparkles in the paint and the silver in the yarn don't show well in my picture. here are the shoes before painting and pom-poms.

I've finally finished fitting the dress, but still need to work on the muslin (how to line it and hem the points).

I'm also ready to cut the wings, I've traced out a perfect shape, I think. I may do those first, and save the dress for last. I am still trying to work out if elastic around the body will be enough to hold the wings in place....I hope so, I don't want to use shoulder straps, it will kill all the work I've done to make a strapless looking Tinkerbell dress.

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