Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who doesn't love Jalie?

Well, I love Jalie, that's for sure! Although I only have 2 Jalie patterns, they are quickly becoming my favorite pattern company. Of course, I haven't tried many companies outside of the Big 4, such as Burda, or Style Arc, so this is just speaking from my limited experience.

I got this Jalie scarf top 2921 free as a thank you gift for managing the Vintage Pattern sewing contest on I had a few other projects lined up first, but I finally got around to sewing this up, twice!

I made a version for Liz first, sort of as a test. I'm glad I did, because I quickly discovered that the fabric I had planned on using did not have 2 way stretch, which means the neckline didn't stretch, so it barely fits over her head, and it feels I had to open the CF seam up more to make it fit, so that part looks a little mesed up.
I'm glad I didn't make one for myself out of this icky fabric.

As I'm a knit noob, it's a good thing this particular purchase from Jo-Anns wasn't worse. It was only 99c a yard for 2 yards, so not too big a loss.

I think the scarf neck top just looks just a little too grown-up on a kid her age, so I won't be making more for her until she's older, but this one is still pretty cute.

I had also purchased a 1-5/8 yard floral knit remnant at Jo-Anns that I planned to use for this top, and happily, this fabric was perfect. It's got the right amount of stretch, and also a very nice feel on the skin.
However, as I was hand hemming the bottom, Liz says to me "That's a pretty top you're making for grandma!". I asked her why she thought I was making it for grandma, and her answer: "It just looks like something grandma would wear."
Ah, kids say the darndest things. :)
Now I wonder if the print looks old-lady-ish. I personally liked it, but now I'm second guessing myself.

For the buckle, I scavenged a buckle off of an old belt, and though it is rectangular instead of a circle as the pattern calls for, I think it looks very nice.

One of the best things about this pattern is that the scarf can be done up in ALL the view options, just by leaving the small CF opening. It can even be tied in ways not shown, such as a faux necktie style. That makes it really versatile! I think I like the buckle best though. On such a busy fabric, the details of the scarf are getting lost, but on a plainer fabric, it would be really great to be able to do all 3.
I will certainly be making more of these! Great fit, great look, and versatility. What more can a sewist ask for?
Not going to be making more right this minute though, as I only have one decent knit left in my stash, and that one is planned for McCalls 5974 in the Think Pink contest.

Still, rock-on Jalie!

But next up, I want to make a scarecrow for Halloween, using McCall's 6413. I went through all my scraps with Liz, and she's helped me pick out the fabric to make it. Maybe we can work together and make it a sort of craft project she can help with!

Oh yeah, and I dyed my hair! Just a bit lighter (made some red pop out, totally unintentionally, I assure you).


  1. Aroura! you look absolutely sophisticated in the Jalie top and with such gorgeous hair. :-) Not like what Grandma would look like....

  2. I totally agree with Mary; the top is a very trendy print, I think!

    Isn't it great that you can make a top for a really small person as well as an adult! I wonder if you could cut the scarf down & make a smaller bow out of it for Liz - would that make it more age appropriate? Or is the fabric just not worth it?

    Jalie is definitely one of my fave pattern companies :)

  3. Those Jalie tops are really very clever. I love the fabric you have printed out.