Monday, November 14, 2011

Brotherly love

Ever have one of those days that starts out bad but ends up good?
Today I was working on a vest I'm hoping to finish in time to wear to PR Day Seattle, and my sewing machine simply would NOT sew the tricot lining, no matter that I had stretch needles, or what tension setting I used, or anything. It was beyond frustrating, and I couldn't figure out what to do.

Well, my husband lugs this giant blue bag out with a huge bow, and tells me he can't wait until my birthday in 2 days, just to open it now. And look what I got!!! It is a Brother 7500, with all the trimmings.

He says he read up on dozens of machines, probably hundreds of reviews, and even took a quiz for what sewing machine would best fit :D Isn't he the best hubby ever?

My oldest machine was great, honestly, for a $75, 10 year old machine, it was a champ. It is a heavy duty, has 9 stitches, no way to change the stitch width or presser foot tension or anything. Very solid little guy, but very basic. It has got me through every project for years. And it will be a perfect little back-up machine, I'll keep it.

But my new machine? It has everything!
Out of idle curiosity, after getting it threaded and figuring out a few basics, I decided to try it on the tricot, and with a regular sharp needle, and no special setting, it sewed the tricot without missing a single stitch! I was instantly in love!

And it has so many decorative and quilt stitches. It has multiple one step buttonholes, automatic needle threading, and an extended table! It even came with many specialty feet, including a walking foot and a quilting foot.
But just look at all these stitches. Leaves! Hearts! Flowers! I can't wait to get some more creative projects ready and really put this new gal to work.

Isn't it so pretty? Sigh....
I am having a very good day. And a very very good (early) birthday. :D


  1. Happy Birthday Aroura, and a big pat on the back for your wonderful hubby! I love your machine!!

  2. Oh my oh my oh my! This a treat for which virtual smiles and words just don't cut it!

    Big birthday happies to you - what a special, thoughtful hubby you have!!!

    May you enjoy many many hours of happy, creative, and carefree sewing :)

  3. What a great DH he is!! I am happy that you got a new sewing machine. I love happy surprises. Enjoy your new present.