Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween family fun

Happy Halloween everyone! I do hope everyone had a great one.
This is the first year Liz was old enough to go door to door. We still hit the mall first, since it was too cold to wear her wings outside. She got a lot of great comments, and one store even went a little nuts over her, all the employees started yelling "ding ding ding! We have a winner!" And they went back and got her a big package of Tinker bell shaped sweet tarts. That was pretty entertaining.
Dad came over early and spent most of the day with us. It was also nice, we got a lot of comments on having the whole family dressed up, because so many people only dress up their kids.
I'm glad dad still likes his pirate costume, too. :)

And James was pretty thrilled a couple of young people stopped him to ask about is costume, and he got a lot of interested looks. So overall, a very fun and happy Halloween.
She got SO much candy from the neighborhood though, her bucket was so full, we had to help her carry it between houses at the end. Now who do you think will eat most of that candy? Hint: it won't be Liz, or me. lol
Oh, she'll get her share, of course. We just have to dole it out a little bit at a time for a week or so, letting her have her favorites.

Some of the more interesting other costumes we saw included Waldo (cane, backpack and all), and Mario and Luigi. Also, a giant robot with flashing eyes. I love seeing all the other costumes, that is why this is my second favorite holiday! :)


  1. What wonderful costumes Aroura! The whole family really played along. I had 2 trick or treaters last night (steep hill) so there are frozen snickers at this house. I didn't dress up but my little dog Nick did.

  2. Thanks for the visit Aroura...yes, Nick gets lots of doggy treats. He is one of those terriers who never gains weight, and is slightly anxious and "on" all the time.

  3. Fabulous Family Frocks! It sounds like a perfect holiday was had :)

  4. You all look wonderful!! Hubby's coat is amazing. You did fabulous work on it. I'm glad Liz enjoyed her first real Halloween. She's so darn cute!