Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My dress form shall not remain nameless!

I know a lot of ladies name their dress forms, and I think this is a really cool custom. I've had my dressform for over a year now. She's old and a little battered, her shoulder wingnut is stripped, but overall in amazing shape for being 60 years old! I have an affinity for old things and antiques, as part of what I enjoy about sewing is the nostalgia of it (from my grandmother sewing).
So my dressform, she's my sewing buddy, and I would not trade her in for a new one. I would, however, like to give her a name!

So I've had a few running around in my head, and wanted to see what you ladies thought of them, or if you had any suggestions!
The ones that I've considered are Guinevere (or Gwen, for short), because I'm just into that whole renaissance romance thing.
I've also considered Ella, erm, can you guess why?  lol
Lastly I thought maybe Margaret, or Greta for short, for my German heritage.

What do you think?  Any other suggestions?


  1. She looks very much like a Guinevere/Gwen to me!

  2. I like Gwen too - we've been engrossed in "Merlin" so I can't help liking the name!

  3. Thanks for your replies ladies! That is my favorite, as well, so I'm going with it. :)

  4. Hi Aroura, I saw your post in my Google Reader, but the page "does not exist" (more issues) so I am here to respond. First, it's okay about the no response...I understand. Secondly, the embedded replies seem to need to have the post brought up in it's own window. Otherwise, the curser stutters in the reply field.

    Let me know if that helps or if I need to explain it differently.

  5. Let me clarify: if you open a blog which has more than one post showing and then open the comments section, the curser will stutter in the reply box. BUT, if you then open that post BY ITSELF, and then click on comment, the curser will work in the reply box.