Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Knit vest, wardrobe moving right along!

This month is going by so quickly!
It is a nice feeling to have that sewing love back.  I am still keeping active doing other things, but am finding time to also sew again, and I'm happy about it. :)

So today I finished the hem on my toffee knit vest, and Liz snapped a few pictures for me.  I hate that I look so annoyed, lol.  I was trying to look serious....well, perhaps I should stick to smiling.

I love the collar, the buttons, everything.  I don't think it is a very flattering shape on me below the waist, but it isn't bad.  I love the texture of this knit, it's all bumpy and knobbly, yet soft.  It doesn't show up in the pictures, but I can rarely get the cool details into pics.

I BARELY had enough to cut this pattern out, just under a yard.  I'm really happy with it, and glad think the fabric works well for this pattern (unlike my last top...)

The pattern for this Simplicity 2155, is meant for wovens.  This was my first time adapting a woven pattern to a knit fabric.  I made a lot of small changes (no facings, changed collar finish, removed wearing ease, etc), and I think they worked out very well, for the most part.  I also added 2 belt carriers, mostly so I don'[t lose the belt!  I know would end up in the corner of my closet under a pile of fabric or something, if I don't have it fixed to the top.  

So, this finishes 3 of my 6 looks for the wardrobe contest (include the white corduroy jacket with the lace sleeved top).  It's pretty funny that adding a just one more item (a woven top, in my case), is going to add 3 MORE looks.  And speaking of, I really want to get the pattern for that prepped tonight, so I can cut it out tomorrow.  

Side not, going to Liz's Kindergarden Open house tonight.  She is really loving school!  Kindergarden isn't like I remember it, now.  They have a lot more work, but it's still lots of fun.


  1. It looks great! The collar is really fun and I think it is very flattering on you.

  2. I love the vest, and think the collar is perfect. This would look great with cords and boots or black slacks/heels. Nice job!

  3. I love it its looks really cool with your jeans and super comfy!! Looks very well made too! Wish all my projects turned out like that!!

  4. A vest in this colouring will meld straight into your wardrobe. Easy to dress up or down - super sewing on this one...