Saturday, September 29, 2012

Creamed coffee wardrobe...heavy on the cream!

Well, I like my coffee with lots of cream and sugar.  Not exactly healthy, but I rarely drink it, so when I do, it's a treat.
And my new (mini-)wardrobe is quite a treat as well!  I'm extremely pleased with how 3 of the 4 items I made came out, and overall, I think there are some great pieces to continue building upon.

Mini Wardrobe

My favorite single a toss up between the white eyelet blouse and the corduroy jacket.  Both will get a LOT of use.

My favorite overall look is the coffee vest over the eyelet blouse. My husband says it's very 70's and I agree, I kind of look like I am dressing up a s Donna on that 70's show, but I'm cool with that.  It's a chic look, IMO.  I've already worn it out grociery shopping once, and it is totally pretty and practical at the same time.  Who could ask for more?

The Corduroy jacket is also getting a lot of wear.  Since it's a medium weight, it's great for these fall mornings.  Not too warm (like my grey wool), or too light (my windbreaker).  I never thught I'd be able to make my own jacket, and one I will get so much use out of!

I wanted to note that a good portion of the fabric for this wardrobe is upcylced or recycled, and the remainder was gifted to me.
Upcycled: Cotton Eyelet: first life as a vintage duvet cover.
Jacket Lining:  found at goodwill.
Recycled: The grey buttons on the jacket are recycled cotton.  Wierd, eh?  They look like stone, up close.
Gifted: The cordoroy came from SewMama (Angie), and the rest from my great Aung Barb, who turned 92 this year, as well as celebrating her 75th wedding anniversary! A truly amazing lady, and her husband, my Uncle Robert, as well.  Aunt Barb has kindly given me most of her remaining stash, and I am trying my best to put it to good use.
So this entire look is from the stash she passed along to me. Thanks Aunt Barb!


  1. Super effort on this lot! They have all come together so well, and with such a lot of 'history' in the fabric it will be an extra special collection for you. My fav would have to be the eyelet blouse, followed closely by the coffee vest - with cream, please...

  2. Well done, such speed as well. They all look great, I love the waistcoat, it looks so versatile especially with the eyelet blouse. Good old Aunt Barb.

  3. Great job Linda! I think your whole wardrobe turned out wonderfully :)

  4. Love all your pieces, but that corduroy jacket is by far my favorite!