Sunday, February 17, 2013

Crochet, Math, and Marine Life

Isn't this amazing?

So I recently watched a marvelous TEDTalks called Crochet a Coral Reef and I was really inspired to participate. Creating a hyperbolic math model with crochet is very cool, and turning it into a lifelike coral reef display is even cooler!
I really want to start a local chapter, or some sort of group to create a display, though that might be too ambitious.  At least, I plan on making a display for our home.  I'm hoping once I get a small display started, I can post some fliers around schools to see if anyone else would like to participate.  I would really like to get the $250 to create a full display, so if my pieces turn out well, I may pitch it to the local Community College.

I started one today, and half a skein later, I am really amazed at how simple it is to make some of the basic coral shapes, and how beautiful it is!  Currently, I'm just using the yarn I had on hand, some green and brown variegated synthetic.  It makes a lovely basic coral!  Once I finish a piece or two, I will post pictures of what I'm doing.  In the meantime, check out what other people around the world have made!

Doesn't this make your fingers itch for a crochet hook and some yarn?

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