Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back from a Winters Break.

I am not entirely sure why I pretty much stop sewing for a month or two every winter.  I sort of hunker down during the coldest part of the season.  This year for the holidays, instead of sewing gifts, I made handmade candies and chocolates, and that was a nice change of pace.
But the sun peeked out this week, and now I'm ready and eager to get back to sewing!

This month, I have been putting in a little sewing time, since my husband was nice enough to make me a mini-sewing area in the living room, so I could stay warm.  My sewing area is just so COLD all winter, and I don't want to waste the energy to heat it, since it leaks back out pretty quick.

So I wanted to make some warm tops for Liz, and kept putting it off and putting it off, but finally got motivated and finished 3 long sleeved turtlenecks for her.  The One Pattern Many Looks Contest got me thinking about making more than basic turtlenecks, so I came up with 3 variations.

This is Liz's favorite of the 3, mostly because of the lovely iridescent butterfly applique I found for it.  This baby ribbed knit fabric is leftover from a top I made for myself, using the same pattern, Jalie 2805, but with a different neck option.

I added a ruffle to the bottom and sleeves, as well as a little bow to the neckline, in a pretty leopard print knit I got from my great aunt.  I think animal prints are really cute on little girls, in moderation. :)
The burgundy knit is probably the nicest knit I've owned,  It is really thick and gorgeous, a very drapy and soft fabric.  It is leftover from a cardigan I made myself from a McCalls pattern that I really didn't love. At least this piece was put to better use!

I actually made this one first.  both the white and the floral print are also from my great aunt.  I tried to give this a faux layer effect.  It isn't too small on her, it is exactly the right size, which means she will outgrow it in a month (at the rate she's going!).  That's why I made the other 2 a size larger.

Next I have plans to use a green wool/polyester blend that JillyBe sent to me ages ago, and attempt to make myself a pair of wide legged-trousers and a matching vest.  It's ambitious, so wish me luck!!

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  1. Liz is absolutely lovely in her 3 beautiful new shirts.