Monday, May 27, 2013

Birthday Beach Outfit


She's 6!!  Her party was lots of fun, and totally exhausting!  Two days later, I'm still recovering from the all the work, chaos and kids.

She got a lot of presents, but her big present from us she will not get until summer, because she wants to go to the beach and also visit the aquarium, so we will be camping on the coast for one or two nights after school lets out.

It was quite a while ago that she decided she wanted to take that trip, so I decided to make her a beach outfit.  She had already picked a dark pink cotton out of my stash, it is covered in tiny butterflies.  I found a matching dark pink and burgundy (and lots of other colors, too) cotton sateen with a diamond print on it in my stash, and also the perfect pattern, Simplicity 5540.


It included a button front dress with elastic pockets, shorts, and a hat, all perfect for a walk on the beach!

This pattern is pretty well designed, though I had issues with the hat.  not a single notch or marking matched up, not on the crown, top, or brim.  I did make it work though.
I added a self made hat band and a much larger bow than the pattern called for, because she asked for a big bow on the hat.  I think it turned out pretty cute on her, and it will serve it's main purpose of protecting her face and eyes from the sun.

It is somewhat adjustable, which I love in kids clothing. With the tie in back, she has room to grow.

Overall, very happy with the dress, also happy to make her something more practical that she will (hopefully), get a lot more wear out of than the "dressy" dresses I have made her in the past.  Hurray for cotton!
This is a really great pattern (sans hat markings), with a lined bodice, well designed button bands and adjustable shoulder straps, and I will keep it for when she is older.  I can see her wearing a larger version of this even up to age 9 or 10.  So this pattern is a winner, and a keeper!



  1. Could she possibly get ANY cuter?!? And what an adorable grown-up but age appropriate outfit you made! Well done :)

    1. Thank you so much! As a mom, it is hard to look at the whole thing with an unbiased eye.

  2. (aside - do you know that you have, and do you really want, the dreaded "captcha" phrases for commenter?)

    1. I do? I thought I turned that off. I swear, blogger is trying to kill me with changes lately. I'll turn it off. Thanks!!