Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stuffed Jellyfish!

I finally finished this stuffed jellyfish for Liz.  I put it off for a long time.  The math behind drafting the top (with the odd darts for shaping) scared me a bit, but I worked out.
The top is 2 layers of the sheer, sequin print mesh underlined by purple satin.  I don't think any of the pictures do it justice, it is such a pretty, iridescent fabric, perfect for a jellyfish!

Getting the tentacles on the outside was also a challenge.  I had to sew them into the center of each dart BEFORE I sewed the darts shut, but leave enough of the end of the dart open that the tentacles didn't get caught when I sewed the whole thing onto the bottom.

Liz is showing off the bottom of the jellyfish, purple satin and 3 gathered sheer magenta ribbons.  The color scheme is entire hers, she picked out all the fabrics and the ribbon.  Speaking of, to get that effect, I gathered the 1.5" ribbon 1/2" in, differing lengths for each one.

Liz is Very happy with the final product.  It's a pretty unusual stuffed animal, but she is enamored with all of the creatures of the sea right now, and it is already in bed next to her shark and starfish. :D

BTW, this entire project was inspired by a puppet we checked out at our local library.  I didn't coy it exactly, but it was a major source of inspiration for the design.  Liz just wanted a stuffed animal though, no puppet, and I'm thankful for that!

Original puppet from library.


  1. That is a wonderful jellyfish - no wonder you put that job off for a long time, things like this are never easy. Liz looks thrilled.

  2. I think this is amazing-so happy to see you also. I've wondered what you were doing on the other side of the Cascades!

    1. Thanks Mary! I've just been busy doing summer things. Camping, swimming, visiting the beach, playing with the little one. :) Glad to be back in the sewing room, though!