Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kids pick the darndest fabrics!

First off, I'd like to say how happy I am to be back at my sewing machine!  And with a new serger to use on knits, making Liz a 5 piece all knit wardrobe is proving to be fun AND a good learning experience with the new machine.

So you can see here the second fabric Liz picked out at Joanns. It's pretty crazy, but really pretty too.  There are lots of colors to mix and match in it, so it goes with a lot of other things.  I felt pretty lucky to have the magenta in my stash (thanks to my great aunt Barb!)  I have enough of it left (and more of this magenta solid too) to make one other item out of eventually.

I lengthened the sleeves and added a contrasting cuff so this will hopefully work well into fall and winter, but still be useful on the random cool summer days and evenings.

I also made the back leggings, another piece of fabric I've had in my stash from Aunt Barb.  These turned out great, and will be useful with so many things!  I expect she will get a LOT of wear out of them.  No, they aren't that exciting, but they are super practical for a girl who is suddenly into leggings with everything.

I was originally going to make the leggings in grey, and I still may do that, though I have a magenta pair (yes, THAT same magenta) already cut out.  You'd be surprised at how much of her existing wardrobe matches that bright magenta, lol.

Well, I'm off to cook dinner, and then back to my machine,  Yay!!

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  1. Look how she has grown! Cute outfit and you are sewing up a storm.