Friday, October 14, 2011

It really is the perfect knit dress!

McCall's 5974, a Palmer Pletsch classic fit design, calls itself "The Perfect Knit Dress", and I have to agree!

The pattern has wonderful pleated details, a lovely mock-obi wrap tie that covers common trouble spots, and detailed instructions for making many fit alterations for different body types.

It was a joy to sew up, with the biggest challenge for me being the pattern placement on my insane fuchsia print fabric, to avoid getting circles in inappropriate locations.

I am VERY happy with the finished dress! It is a great fit, and I think will work for both every-day wear and for some dressier occasions.

I could really go on and on about how great this pattern and dress are, but my husband has given me a new project which I really need to get cracking on! He wants an elaborate steampunk costume for Halloween, and I really must get started on the coat for it.
Oh, time, would that I had more for sewing! :)


  1. your new dress looks absolutely fab - the hot pink really matches your beautiful hair colour .

  2. So beautiful on you!! This is a fabulous fabric. Gorgeous color and fun print. It's a perfect match to this pattern. Nice!

  3. Love the dress and your review of it. Looking forward to sending your free pattern. Thanks for entering the contest.

  4. Your dress is beautiful! And a perfect fit! Love it!