Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Tunic

As soon as I saw this gorgeous knit at Fabric Depot, I knew what I wanted to make with it, and I already had the perfect pattern for it, Simplicity 2852. I thought it would make a beautiful holiday tunic, to be worn over my green, white or black turtlneck's. Of course, I now also plan on making a red turtleneck....we'll see how that works out soon.

I adore the way this fabric gradates between 3 tones with different prints on each area. Is this what is called "ombre"?
I was very diligent in laying out and cutting to get the color pattern to line up across the entire garment, from yoke to sleeve to body to sleeve. It looks great when moving!
The bell sleeves are very lovely, a little bit retro 70's, but something I love about this pattern. So far, the only complaint is that the shoulders sit pretty wide. With a shirt under it, it isn't a problem, it doesn't slide or come off the shoulder. Worn alone, this would not work as well. All the same, if I ever made it again, I would try and bring each shoulder in about 1/2".

I also got a chance to use the stretch stitch setting on my new Brother. Wow, that makes sewing knits a joy! I even used it on the hem, and I love it. I have gained a lot more confidence for working on future, more ravely style knits.

My husband told me that with the black turtleneck and wide sleeves, I looked like a hippie pagan priestess. I told him thank you. :D Honestly, I love the look, and really can't wait for some holiday events so I can wear it. As a matter of fact, I may just wear it out to the is December now! :)


  1. Gorgeous fabric,and perfect for the holidays. Are you going to post of pic of you wearing this? Can't wait!

  2. Thank Mary! Yes, I hope to post more pics of myself (I'll just edit this blog page) within a day or 2. I think I'll actually wear it out today, just for a "test drive". :)

  3. The simple pattern you chose for this top really showcases the lovely print. It looks wonderful on you and just perfect for the holidays. Isn't it funny how guys associate certain style details with past time and places. I was around when the hippies were and though the simple lines of this top are similar to their garb, the print, color and fabric type are very modern.

  4. This is gorgeous, Aroura! Perfect choice for pattern/fabric combination.