Monday, December 12, 2011

Warm winter PJ's

Happy Christmas and happy Holidays everyone!
"Wait, is that another present?" you may ask. Well, yes it is! Liz really is the best gift. :D
Doesn't that fabric just blend right into the wrapping paper though? It's such a crazy, fun print.

As always, she was happy to be in the spotlight, and played it up for the camera. Honestly though, I never have to take many pictures, she's full of smiles!

So how did I come to actually make a garment out of such insanely bright fabrics?
A couple of months back, Jo-anns was having a really good sale on flannel prints. I got $10 and took Liz shopping to pick out 2 prints to make her some new PJ's. She has grown so much the last few months, she's grown right out of almost all of her jammies.

So what prints does she pick but the cutest cat print, and the loudest, brightest print in the store!!! :D With super neon green and pink buttons to match, lol.
Of course, she does love to read and be read to, and she likes worms and other bugs, so I shouldn't be surprised that she chose this print.

I have to say sewing these PJ's on my new machine was an absolute joy. The topstiching is straighter than anything I've done before, and the buttonholes look expert! One step buttonhole sewing is so awesome!! I also got to sew on the buttons using the machine, that was very easy and fun, too.

(Side note: Of course, I had a flummox getting a batch of bobbins for my new machine, because it only came with 3. I had to order them online, and I ordered the wrong ones. Doh! Now I have 50 bobbins that do not fit any of the 3 machines I own, lol. I do have the correct ones now, as well.)

So, I chose a simple pattern for this busy print, Simplicity 3987, very standard button front PJ's. I didn't like the facings, but the fit was very good, not as huge as most PJ's, and overall they are what I wanted. Next time I do this style, I would like a collar I think, though.

Of course, I had made up the cat print jammies earlier, because she wanted the same style as a pattern I had used before: Butterick (See&Sew) 4005. This really is my favorite PJ pattern that I have made, not that I've done THAT many yet. But I love how the tucks keep it shaped up top, but give lots of room everywhere else. It's also a very cute pattern with neat details. I hope to use this pattern for her for years.

So now she has a couple of pairs of warm PJ's her size for the winter, and it is getting very cold already, so it's just in time.

I haven't posted anything in a while because I have been working hard on presents. I don't want to post pics of presents as yet ungiven, and spoil the surprise for anyone. I plan on posting pics of some of them at last around the New Years.

Next up, a pair of fleece hand puppets for Liz for Christmas. She adores puppets and likes to have puppet shows with the others she already owns almost every day. I hope to make a cat and mouse and maybe a dog. Adding to her puppet collection will make her happy. :)

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  1. Holy smokes...those are cute pics. My husband and I have decided to get pregnant.