Friday, January 13, 2012

Blast from the past

Wait, is gas 35c a gallon again? Did a man just land on the moon? No my friend, you haven't time traveled back to 1969, although you might have seen a child looking much like this one at Woodstock, if you had the fortune to be there!

So I am totally digging this vintage pattern on Liz, and so is she! When I decided (with angst) to sew up this dino fabric that has been in my stash since last June (a thankyou gift for volunteer work), I was already feeling pretty unsure of how much I was going to like anything made from it.
The colors are SO bright, and the dino shapes very geometric.
Fortunately, I found a beautiful matching lime green shirting for the contrast, and buttons that match exactly!! Still, I sewed it up slowly, as I was still worried that it would be...too much.

This is Simplicity 6121, a vintage pattern from 1969. I think it is one of only 2 patterns I have that are pre-1970's. I got this pattern from Patterns From the Past last year (for only $3), as part of the prize for winning the costume contest last year on PR. Patterns From the Past is a great site with hundreds of vintage patterns for sale, and really good prices as well.

I love this style of shirt, it really brings me back to my own childhood. In the early 70's, I wore many a shirt with similar styling.

This pattern did pose me a few challenges, aside from my worry over the fabric/print. I am pretty new to sewing vintage patterns, and there is a certain amount of sewing knowledge assumed in the pattern and instructions. The shape of the front yoke includes the facing, so the pattern pieces were the weirdest shapes I've ever seen, but it all works out perfectly.
The fit is also just great with this pattern. Not too snug at all, but more fitted on top and open on the bottom for movement. Although I did make the sleeves too long, and had to roll the cuffs up. :/

After I got the facings turned in, and the collar on, I could suddenly tell it was going to be cute. I found my mojo again, and finished the sleeves, hem and buttonholes today.
Although it is very bright, I really like it. I even like the giant collar. My favorite thing is the cool shaped yoke. And I got to use my twin needle for the first time, to double topstitch the yoke, and it looks great! I am still so in love with my new sewing machine. :D

Liz, of course, was adorable for the camera, even though it was about 10 minutes until bed. :) She's such a happy kid, I am so lucky to have her!
Enough pictures of the same kid in the same shirt?? Naw, one more. :)

So my goal of sewing only 6 month and older stash this month, to sew along with the Fabric Stash Contest I am managing this month, is going slow but well. Only 3 yards done, but I think I can still reach my 10 yard goal if I pick it up a bit. It's harder to find time to sew since James started college again. But it is worth it, he's really happy now that he is going to get his degree. :)


  1. That is a really cute shirt, and she looks so pleased. What is James studying?

  2. Thanks Mary! James is taking computer science, he wants to program AI. It requires so much math, and I can hardly believe how many hours of homework they are giving him per class. Yikes!

  3. Cute shirt, love the vintage look of it. Your little girl is such a cutie pie.