Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Prettying up the sewing area

My sewing nook is actually a small table in the corner of the kitchen/dining area, so it is fairly publicly visible. I do try and keep it cleaned up (mostly), but there are so many bits and bobs, papers and pieces, they can just get out of hand when sewing. So I decided to sew up some organizers to help myself get more organized, and also keep our house looking nice!

Also, I think staying organized and feeling good about your area helps sewing stay fun and creative.

I used Simplicity 2679, and made the Chair back cover and the sewing machine organizer. I know, the chair cover is on backwards! I did that to show the pockets, you couldn't see them on the angled back.
I didn't read the ONE review on the chair organizer (why? Just spaced it off I guess) that said this needed to be 2" wider to fit a standard folding chair. And I committed a double sin by not checking the tissue against the chair itself, and checked AFTER I cut the fabric. :/
It worked out though, I just made very small (<1/4") seams, and my fabric and fleece both had a bit of stretch, so it fits well. Whew, dodged a possible bullet there! The pockets are great, sized for patterns, instructions, etc. I am so glad, this gives me a better place for my working pattern than wherever I left it last......And a place for pattern I am planning on soon!

The size of the organizer here is also way off in my opinion. The green braid is actually the place where the measuring tape was to go, and where it should hang from. If I hang it that far down, it pools in my lap! Well, I found the pincushion was also pulling that side down, so I just prefer having it up on the table. The large, darted pocket on the left is also a bit gapey, and things might fall out of it if you bump it. I think I may tack the center of it up, just to keep it more secure.
I am mulling over weather or not to make the apron. It would be handy to keep the pencils and measuring tape and such in while going back and for the between the sewing machine and the coffee table in the other room. I made one for my cousin for Christmas, and it seems like a good utility apron. Quick to make, too.

On a side note, the dark green is probably the oldest piece of usable fabric I have in my stash. I bought it to make my very first real project, an Irish Overdress for the SCA. I still had about 1 yard of it left, and this pretty much uses up the leftovers. The pale green floral was a gift from my MIL a year ago for my birthday, so both of these are old stash fabrics. I only used a small bit of the pale green, and it is a nicer fabric than I realized at first, a good shirting cotton with stretch. I will have to make my favorite camp top TnT, McCall's 6035.

Ok, so my first projects of the New Year were successes, and will help me sew for the rest of the year, and beyond. Hurray!

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  1. These are both so cute and great ways to use remnants. I was JUST thinking about how I have NO place to put things when working. There are very few flat surfaces in my small room. Thanks for the inspiration.