Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Winter in....March?

Well, I am finally starting to feel like I've got some of my sewing mojo back. I've had some difficulty balancing our new full time college schedule with James, but I'm into the swing of things I think, and have again found some time, and desire, to sew.

I finally got Jalie 2911, and then I put off sewing it for almost a month. But now that the weather has warmed up a it, and I can go into the sewing area without freezing, I've found a lot more desire to be in there! I really enjoyed making this fleece top, and am liking it waaay more than I thought I would. I was afraid the print would be too cutesy, and although it is cute, it isn't overly so...I think.  For sure, the fit is so nice!

My brother and sister-in-saw gave me this really cute teddy bear print fleece for Christmas (along with a fleece print for James and one for Liz). I know it's pretty wintery, but hey, there are a few days left before spring! Seriously though, it is still cold here, so I'm sure I'll get some use out of it this year, and plenty of use out of it come next winter.

I found the shawl collar to be really nice, but technically hard to sew, for me.  i did eventually get the corners nice and square, but it took a few tries.
I like using the contrasting fleece on the collar, think it makes it stand out a bit.  I was really lucky to find the same candy apple red as was on the teddy bears bows.

I also added in some side seam pockets, because I think a pullover of this sort without pockets is like popcorn without butter.  What's the point?  Seriously though, I'ma big fan of pockets because of the utility of them.  I really put some effort into these as well, topstitching the outside, and matching the bottom seam of the pocket to the front hem, so the pocket is secured in place.

I'm very pleased with the final result.  I hope to use the rest of this fabric to make something cute for Liz next winter, but that's a loooong way off.


  1. Very nicely done on the jacket. And thank you for saying that the contrasting color on the collar makes it stand out.
    For some reason, I just hate the phrase "it makes it pop" :)

    I love pockets on my stuff too. Less for utility other than the fact that I like to stick my hands in my pockets :-D


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