Saturday, March 31, 2012

Vintage 70's...Simplicity 6971

I got quite a few lovely vintage patterns as a prize for winning the costume contest last year, and I have finally gotten around to sewing one! well, to be fair, I did make an 80's vest out of gorgeous purple velvet which I just LOVE, but 80's does not feel truly...vintage, so this piece feels like my fist real attempt at that.
I used Simplicity 6971, what a felt would be a lovely simple pattern, a wonderful piece to throw on over the top of a cami or tee in the spring and summer for a really glamorous yet casual look.
I had this truly unusual fabric that really seemed to represent the 70's, it had a hippie/ "That 70's Show" feel to it that I thought would translate well into this pattern.  The fabric is a sheer knit, with floral embroidery and a spattering of sequins.  I trimmed it with vintage cram lace, which I think is a great contrast to the white tee.

On a side note, boy do I need to touch up the dye in my hair.  Yikes!!  That is WAY past a little root showing, lol.

Overall, I like the look, and I really like it on Ginny my dressform, more than on myself, as it fits a little differently on me.  I promise  pics of me wearing it soon.  The sleeves are nice, but the shoulders and armsythe are just huge, and the back is also very loose fitting.  The front closure is better placed on my body, as my breasts aren't quite as perky as Ginny's, so the closure sits right below my bust.  Other than that though, it seems to look better on

I couldn't find a closure that matched, and so I made my own.  I really didn't like how it looked hanging open, waaay too loose, so the closure is a nice touch.  I LOVE the buttons I found for it.

Sadly, it is too apparent that I didn't quite get the pattern to quite line up in front, the flowers are about 1/2" off, but I just didn't have enough fabric to get and exact match, I hope it looks alright as is.
Oh, here is the cropped back:

I do still think I'll be wearing it.  It's comfy, and cute.  Well, I'll have to reserve final judgement for after I get some photos of me in it tomorrow.  I'll post them asap!


  1. It's a really nice top. I'm seeing lots of things like this around in the stores.

  2. I followed your link on Pattern Review because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this top of yours! It's beautiful, and looks wonderful on you. Well done!!!

  3. I agree with Mary.
    I love this cardi/top on you.
    Love your work.