Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lace trimmed camisole

Just a short post to show off my new lace trimmed camisole, from Kwik Sew 2759.
I think the fit is reasonable good, though it could be taken in a bit around the armholes.  I just don't have the breasts to fill it out fully....Well, I've noted it for next time, and there will be a next time!  This is a great, simple, but stylish pattern, and I love the stretch lace trim.  Adds a pretty girlishness to a basic tank.

Speaking of that trim, it was absolutely impossible to find a nice stretch lace trim that wasn't the basic white or pink lingerie elastic.  My dad was kind enough to go to Fabric Depot for me before his last visit down to our place, and picked out this beautiful gold lace with a pretty brown decorative design stitching. Isn't he great to go lace shopping for me??  Love you dad!
It doesn't show too well in the pics, but it is really a great match IRL.  I even have a good yard left over, I'm sure I'll find a good use for it.

I'll was also brave enough, for the first time since getting it about 4 months ago, to use my 1979 serger.  My great aunt gave it to me, and now that I've used it, I love it!  It sewed up the shoulder and side seams so well. I can't seam to get the 4th spool threaded, and I refuse to bet my head against a wall trying again (or I'll just never use the thing), but the 3 thread overlock style seams to work perfectly fine!
The fit in back is perfect.

So now I've got a tank top for summer!  I'm thrilled, as I don't really own one (well, I do but it is very old and raggedy).  So now I own a pretty one!  Now, if only the warm weather would just hurry up and make an appearance...:D


  1. Love it!!! We are just heading out of summer, but I have ear-marked this for next Spring...

  2. I love this cami with the girly lace. You look great!!

  3. Your cami looks really lovely!