Saturday, May 26, 2012

Snow Liz and her many birthday presents.

This picture of Liz reminds me so much of Snow White, when she is singing to the birds right outside the seven dwarfs cottage.  Ok, her hair and clothes aren't the right colors, but the feeling is there. :)

So I finished Liz's birthday dress just in time for her to put it on and go and discover her BIG birthday present, her new outdoor wooden playhouse!  James spent two days constructing it, and it is just adorable!  She played in it all day yesterday, and today.  I think she just wants to move out there, lol.  I can stand up inside it comfortably, it is quite roomy.

For anyone interested, we have written a review on the Cedar Cottage set we purchase at Costco, with lots of photos, both during construction, and of the completed project (we added flowers and curtains and such).  I was only able to find one review of it when we were considering buying it, so I wanted to make our own to help out others considering this purchase.

Anyway, back to the dress for a moment.  Liz picked out this ruffly knit fabric at Joanns.  I told her I wanted to make her a practical knit shirt for summer, but oh no, she wanted another dress, so what's a mom to do?  That's right, give right in and make her a dress, lol.   Anyway, she loves the dress, and wore it all day yesterday while it was warm.   It's cooler today, but I imagine she'll get lots of wear out of it.  It is 100% machine washable (amazing, I never would have guessed that ruffly stuff could be tossed in a machine, but it can), so it has the charm of something dressier, and the ease of something more casual.

We are taking her to the Enchanted Forest on Monday to celebrate her birthday.  The weather isn't going to be great (mid 60's and possible rain), but hey, as Oregonians, no big deal. :)  Anyway, we already have plans for the grandparents to come, and can't change the date now.   I will post pictures and a blog of our trip after we get home!

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