Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Where am I going to wear this?

This is McCall's 6078, I lengthened it into a dress...of sorts.  I used the entire 36" length of a single yard of 59" wide fabric.  Since I am so very short (just over 5'), I barely got away with it.  I haven't worn a dress this short in years!  But I feel I got good use out of a single yard, and went ahead and entered it in the PR One Yard Challenge.
Now I just need someone to take me on a tropical cruise, so I have a suitable place to wear it!  lol.
Seriously though, I think I could wear it out to a nice lunch (or dinner), in summer.  I really hope I'll get more than one chance to wear it this summer.  It is certainly going to be hot enough...it already is!

I have never worn a cowl/drape neck item, wasn't sure I'd like it, but I think this one is so perfect!  The pleats at the shoulders make a great drape, and it doesn't look silly on me, as I had feared.  Now, the length or the print looking silly...that part is more debatable. :D

I got this crazy fabric on a good sale, though it is a very bright bold print and is sparkly to boot, I can't help but like it.  I'm usually not one for florals and pastels, but this piece just said "buy me"!   Oh, and I think it looks good from the back!

Sadly, it emphasizes my lack of  waist definition.  I have a curves up top, but am a rectangle from my ribcage down. :/  Ah well, maybe I could add some sort of belt (because you know, this outfit needs more!  lol)


  1. That is super flattering! It will be great by itself (don't bend over) or with skinny pants. Love it.

  2. The cowl looks really good on you! It's not *terribly* short - great for a nice lunch or dinner, and a stroll!