Saturday, May 12, 2012

Very red tunic!

I don't usually wear red, espwcially bright fire engine red, but I got this jersey at Jo-ann's last winter at a great price, and I paired it up with Simplicity 2369, a Best Pattern of the Year from 2010.  It's well deserved, a great pattern, and I love the final look!

My daughter took my picture for this, and keep in mind she turns 5 this month, so I think she did great. She was pretty funny, clicking that camera about 50 times a minute though....though for some reason I wasn't smiling in many.  I look all serious....:/  lol.

As a side note, you can see a bit of our tiny garden.  Liz and I have been growing a few things from seeds (beans, herbs, morning glory), and a few flowers we got as seedlings.  Also, some lettuce and cherry tomatoes, yum!  It's pretty small, but we are having fun with our handful of plants. :D

Best of Patterns
So I went ahead and entered this into the best contest pattern, not that I could win against so many fabulous entires. Also, I think this particular pattern has been entered more than any other...kind of funny. :D

Looks like I'm about to fall asleep.  Maybe I am....zzzzzz

I don't know why I couldn't get a very good front shot, I just had a sleepy or bored look on  my face in every one.  Awww well. :/