Saturday, May 24, 2014

Birthday Dress, Liz is Elsa!

My little girl is turning 7! Where does the time go.  I mean seriously, I have "Sunrise, Sunset" going through my head tonight, lol.

So Liz requested a costume party for her birthday, and she wanted to dress as Elsa from Frozen.  She said she wanted it for her birthday, and then for Halloween as well.

To start with, I had to learn how to French Braid (that's right, I'm almost 40 and have never learned how).  But a few Youtube tutorials and about 10 practice sessions later, I got the hang of it enough to pass at least.  Liz also found these AMAZING snowflake beads at Joans, and we wove them into her braid.

This posed a number of challenges for me.  First, I wanted to make her something comfy.  second, I wanted to make her something warm (I learned my lesson with Tinkerbelle, she WAS Frozen in that costume!  Poor thing.)

So I set about drafting a simple knit dress that would both look enough like Elsa's ice dress to make her happy, but also be comfy and warm enough to keep her happy. :)  I feel like I succeeded.  It's not the best looking or most accurate costume I've ever made, but Liz loves it and that is what really counts!  See, she's already pretending to do magic. :D

The final product is intentionally a bit large, as it does need to still fit her in 5 months for Halloween.  The cape isn't to extreme, as I wanted her to be able to run and play without tripping.  But it has some swing, and lots of sparkle!

I asked her to pose for me, and somehow she ended up looking like a runway model.  Just a chance of photography, but striking.

So, happy birthday to our little girl!!


  1. I can't believe how grown she looks! You did a great job with the dress and I'm so impressed that you learned to french braid! My mom didn't know how when I asked her to in high school, so she suggested I get a book from the library to learn and then I could teach her. Once I learned she decided that was good enough, I didn't need to teach her--she isn't much of a hair person, lol!
    I hope Liz had/has the happiest of birthdays!

    1. Thanks so much! It's funny, I was so intimidated by the French braid, but it really isn't too difficult. Funny story with your mom. Yeah, some of us just never are hair people. :) And her birthday and the whole weekend was lovely! I didn't include pictures of her friends at her party, just in case their parents wouldn't want them plastered on my blog.