Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chinese Jackets for the Kung Fu lover in your life

With Fathers Day so close, I recently asked my husband what he'd like. He always wants a traditional Chinese Jacket, but I never had a good pattern to work from.
We found a great looking pattern, Folkwear 145. This company is supposed to do make great re-enactment and cultural clothing.
It's a great pattern overall, but has a few issues (inlcluding inner pocket placement), but mostly it's the frog closure design.
I ended up making traditional Chinese frog closures instead of following the pattern directions, which use modern buttons. I'm very pleased with the result, and so is James!!

I have entered it in the "knock off" contest on PR (review), though I do not expect to win. I think it is a pretty good knock off! Here is the jacket I was copying, next to James in the finished jacket.

One of the best things about the jacket is the lovely lining. It isn't a silky fabric as per usual, but an nice decorative cotton print. The interior facings also give it a very professional finish.

I do hope to make more of these. Another for James for Christmas, in nicer fabrics. I'll know how to fix the inner pockets, and also to lengthen the jacket by about 3" at the bottom.
I'd also like to make one for Liz before School starts next year, and possibly even one for myself sometime.

The amount of hand sewing is enormous. The collar twice, the sleeves, vents. The frogs take the longest though, creating them took me about 4 hours, and sewing them to the jacket took another 4 or more hours.
Still, the finished look is great. Very classic look!
James couldn't wait for Father's Day to wear it, so he got it early, and that's ok with me. He's wearing it practically every day, and he looks great in it!


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  2. Nice post. Where can I get the sewing pattern of a kung fu jacket for a kid?

  3. Wonderful! Can you tell us how you made the frog buttons?

  4. Could you send me the pattern so I would like to sew just you ve done and I`ll use the opatter to make a kung fu suit
    If you can help me i will be glad So I would searching for along time the pattern for kung fu jacket and th whole suit to practice kung fu. Thanks in advance. our mail.
    thanks so much.
    Best Wishes
    The Larssenn`s. Mariana Husband and noisy kids!!