Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dinosaurs duds

When Liz finished pre-school this year, the teacher gave me a very nice gift basket as a thank you for my volunteer work. I was kind of embarrassed to get this in front of a big crowd of parents, as I really wasn't expecting anything.
And the teacher and I had really gotten to know each other, and she was obviously paying attention to how much Liz loved dinosaurs, and how much I loved sewing. She gave me 2, 1 yard cuts of dinosaur prints fabric, a bag of dino buttons, and some plain hair clips to decorate myself.
Liz loved the fabric so much, she asked me to make her something right away, so I immediately picked out a pattern I thought would be suitable for the fabric, and for the upcoming warm weather. An OOP pattern, Simplicity 9650 (my PR review here), very cute looking child's jumper with lots of accessories (hat, doll, etc.).
I immediately noticed how the buttons and straps sat pretty high on the shoulders, but figured that wouldn't be a big issue. This was just for a summer play outfit. I considered, trying to modify the pattern, but lengthening the back straps would make the buttons sit low on the front straps, and I just couldn't work out a simple solution. So I decided to make it as is.

As this pattern was a gift, it was already cut to a size 4. I trimmed the widths down to size 3's, and left the lengths at 4. This is pretty typical sizing for Liz lately (thoughat the rate she is growing, I'm going to have to make the length a 5 soon, though width is staying a 3).

After getting the bodice and shorts sewn separately, A fitting showed both to be quite wide, even at a size 3. I took them in 1" on each side (2" total).

Basting the waist together showed me the crotch was too deep. Sadly, I misjudged here, and removed a bit too much (2"), and I should have only removed 1". I didn't realize that you need more room in the bottom and crotch on overalls/jumpers because there is no "give" at the waist when you bend over, as there is in a typical pair of pants.

So, the crotch was too tight when she bent over. I found away to let the crotch out 1/4", and move the buttons up 5/8", which gave her enough room to move comfortable, but no room to grow. Still, it will at least last through this summer, and she seems to really like it! :)

Liz and I received a number of compliments on how cute she was in that outfit (and how nice it was that I had made it) when we went out to the grocery store. I was pleased, but also concerned as this was the first time just about everyone we met recognized an outfit as "homemade".
I'm not terribly pleased with it. I also forgot to take into consideration the fact the that dino buttons are SUCH an odd shape, that Liz cannot undo them by herself, and so requires extra help going potty, and it can quickly become an emergency, as they take a moment even for me to undo.
The buttons sure are so cute though!

In the end, I shouldn't really label it a dud, as it is cute and wearable. I guess I had just hoped for more ?? Perhaps it is just that I've been sick for the last 2 weeks, so this wasn't my best work. Still, here it is.

I'm headed tot he Doc tomorrow to hopefully get some antibiotics to kick this Bronchitis int he bum. Every coughing fit seems to re-injure my neck, so I just can't wait to get better. I won't be doing much sewing for a few days at least, but I still have plans going round in my head!

I'm hoping to enter both the Sewing for Children's contest, and the One Pattern Many Looks contest next month. The Children's contest lasts 2 months, so I'll be doing the OPML first, I think. I've got a few options running around in my head. Since I have some thinking time, being sick and injured (haha!), I'll probably just spend time going through my little stash and trying to think up creative variations for each of my 2 patterns ideas.

I already know pretty much what I want to do for the Children's contest, but I'll go over that it my next post

I'd also like to throw a big thanks out there to Sheila, who has really facilitated my sewing habit lately. Her patterns have been great, and fun. And the fabric has been quite useful, so thanks ever so much!

Until next time, happy sewing everyone!

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