Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New SCA clothes

We haven't been to an SCA even in 2 years, and let me tell you, I miss going. This year, all our old friends have decided to have a get-together event, maybe at Acorn War.

I went and checked, and of course Liz has outgrown her old SCA clothes. Well, the wool overdress I made for her had a lot of extra hem, so I was able to make it long enough to use just for this year. By next year, I'll have to make a new overdress. But the under-dress was far too small. I had made up my own pattern making that, but didn't feel up to that this year.

Digging through my patterns, I found another one Sheila had sent to me. Simplicity 5382.

I felt the nightgown in this pattern could pass really well in the SCA, if it was lengthened and all the lace left off. Sure, it isn't totally period, but I felt it would work as basic garb, and be a simple project as well.

I also think the view of the top with the split sleeves and ribbon on the yoke will make a great tunic for her (also lengthened), something I plan to make soon.

At any rate, I had just enough plain white cotton left over from the duvet cover to make an under-dress.

The only issue I have with this pattern is that the back slit through the yoke is MUCH too long. to remedy this, I made 3 button loops instead of one, which closes the back much more effectively. I wish I had whiter buttons, but these pearls were the closest thing I had on hand.

This was also my first experience making my own button loops. I really had no idea how to make one, and the instructions in the pattern sort of assume you already know how.

I found a really great tutorial for making button loops, thought getting the size right is difficult. I think that comes with more practice.

Well, I really procrastinated with this project. I started it around the 5th, and finally finished it on the 21st. It's a very simple pattern, so my only excuse is that I have a case of bronchitis, and so I was getting some much needed rest.
Here is the finished gown, with a VERY deep hem (about 3") room for future growth. I think it looks very much like a choir robe! lol. But it does pass my close-enough-to-period test.
Hopefully, I won't have to make her another of these next year. For more details on the sewing process, here is the Pattern Review of it.

I had her try on the old wool overdress with it, which is about 1.5" short. I don't mind though, I think it looks fine this way. I will definitely have to make her a new one of these next year though, she's growing so fast!

Happily, it looks really good as an under-dress. I think the sleeves especially give it a period look, and make the whole thing work. It has lots of room for running, and twirling, and looks great in action! So, here is Liz's SCA garb for 2011. Next up....something to cover her fair head!

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