Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One Pattern Many Looks Contest Plan

Sometimes I wish the ONE sewing class I could take would be on identifying types of fabric. I have a large storge bin full of decent fabrics now, and another smaller one with assorted sheets and scraps in it, and I can identify the proper name for about 10% of them. :( I'd really love to learn! Of course I can do burn tests, which can give me a rough estimate of the content of the fabric, but that doesn't help my truly identify it.

Well anyway, on with the story. So the next contest I'd like to participate in is One Pattern, Many Looks. The idea is to take one view of one pattern, and sew it up at least 2 times, each time making it distinctive and different just by using different fabric, trims, piping, and other embellishments.

After much mind changing (something I do frequently when planning for my next project), I finally settled on McCall's 5388, View D (that is the view with the gathered sleeves).

I've read that this is a great pattern, but runs rather large, so I am going to plan ahead accordingly to make it amuch smaller size, and adjust the yoke to my measurements.

At any rate, I've had a wonderful time digging around in my stash, finding little treasures that were shoved to the back, or buried on the bottom.

My inspiration fabric for this pattern was this 60" wide, less than 1/2 yard cut drapey black boarder print. It's really gorgeous, but there isn't enough of it to make the entire top. After thinking about it for a bit, it occurs to me I can use some of this ivory eyelet fabric I have, from an antique duvet cover. I've been saving that fabric, but I have enough to spare a yoke and possibly sleeves. I wish the eyelet fabric showed up better in the photo.
I'm still debating weather to make the sleeves from the black or ivory, and it will likely depend on if I have enough of the black to do it.
Oh, I also think it will be kind of neat if I leave the edge raw, instead of hemming it. Something I'm considering, anyway.
Either way, I think this will be a beautiful top.

Next up I have some very lovely soft, silky silvery poly. Here is an instance where I wish I knew the name of the fabric. Anyway, it has a dreamy hand, and will end up being a more dressy top, though pretty plain. While reading one of the many reviews on this pattern, I saw that someone has said "The yoke is a veritable palate fore beading". Well, I haven't beaded in years, but I still have a few left over from my belly-dance costuming days.
I have 3 colors of beads left in my old box, gold, black, and this lovely silvery black peacock type. Perfect! Now I just have to come up with a good way to use the beads , a pretty design or layout that won't weigh the yoke down.

Lastly, I have this very interesting retro 30's golf print. I am not sure I'll use this for this pattern, this one is a big "maybe". I think the large print really might not suite this top, so I ay save this interesting fabric for another project.

Well, I'm very excited to get started on this later this week. My shoulder and neck are feeling better, not completely healed, but enough that I can move around some, now. I'll have to be careful, and not overdo it with my enthusiasm. But at least I can get started. :)

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