Sunday, June 12, 2011

Crocheting sun hats

I've been taking a few days break from actually sewing. I had planned on making dad a shirt from a vintage pattern I picked up at the antique mall in Wheeler Or.

But it turns out I'm not quite comfortable enough with my skills yet to tackle that particular project. Vintage patterns are far more difficult than I had realized! The instructions for the cuffs alone had my head spinning.
Maybe for the holidays, I will give it a go.

So, in the meantime, I've been making some pretty little chrocheted sun hats for all the little girls I know. I found a really cute pattern called "Ruffle Brimmed Granny Style Skull Cap" on
I started making one because I wanted to make a thank you gift for a friend of mine in Canada, who just had a new baby granddaughter. The hat turned out so cute, I decided to make one for Liz's friend Yana for her upcoming birthday, and one for Liz, too. I will probably also make one for Yana's little sister, Indie. If I find time, I may even make one for me. Do you think grown up girls would like these too? They sure are cute on kids!

I think the contrasting eyelash yarn around the brim is such a nice touch.
I also added some pretty little flowers. On the baby hat and Liz's, I made a 2 layer flower. Then I started wondering if that maybe wasn't a bit too much 3D on the side. On the dark purple hat for Yana, I made a single flower, and just added a single row of the eyelash yarn around the edge. This looks great, I think. I may have to remake the flowers on the other hats, but James says they look cute as is.

So, 2D or 3D flowers? Well, maybe some of each will be fun. :D

Next up, it turns out we may be attending an SCA event this summer!! Not sure which one yet, but I don't care. Any would be great. I am very excited, it's a been a while since we have attended one.
The SCA dress I made for Liz when she was 2 was easy to re-hem longer (since I gave it lots of room for her to grow!), and so it is only about 1" short, and will work fine. Butt she needs a new underdress. I wonder if I'll fit into any of my clothes very well now. I think I'll be fine, since most of it is also adjustable and/or loose fitting.
So now I'm hunting down a decent free pattern for a basic chemise I can size correctly for Liz. I'll post updates when I find something. :)

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